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Hello Everyone!

I apologize for having been neglectful in updating our newsletter on this website. I think all the action on our Facebook page keeps me engaged and I forget about the website.

In any case, most everything seasonal is the same, EXCEPT… we are seeing more TICK born diseases. I’m talking about LYME DISEASE, ANAPLASMOSIS and EHRLICHIOSIS. And we still have the risk of HEARTWORM disease spread by mosquitos! These blood born infections can be more difficult to treat the longer your dog is infected. At least yearly testing is a minimum protocol for catching these diseases, even if you are using preventative measures like flea and tick insecticides or monthly Heartworm preventives. Breakthrough infections happen with all forms of prevention. Discovering these and treating them early is imperative! Once they are showing symptoms, the treatments may be longer and more difficult. Especially with Heartworm, by far the most deadly after a pet is showing symptoms.

Another disease that is serious in dogs, and often glossed over or neglected in vaccinations, is LEPTOSPIROSIS. This bacteria is more available in warm weather from rodents and other wild animals contaminating yards and can cause kidney and liver damage that is often fatal. We use a combination vaccine for YEARLY booster shots in dogs that prevents this disease, along with PARVOVIRUS, DISTEMPER VIRUS, HEPATITIS VIRUS and VIRAL KENNEL COUGH. The BACTERIAL KENNEL COUGH is a separate vaccine.

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I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get the full series of vaccines for puppies and kittens. Most infections in pets are more deadly the first year of life but every pet is susceptible.

No new outbreaks of feline diseases but we continue to see the diseases we vaccinate for routinely. Keep your cats vaccinated AND every cat should be vaccinated for RABIES even if it never steps out the door. Bats come in! And they are the endemic species in Ohio, having many bats testing positive for rabies EVERY year.

We now have THREE MONTH products for flea and tick prevention! They are expensive, but they last so long it’s worth it.

Everyone keep cool – and especially keep your pets cool. Watch out for problem areas like dogs tied outside, garages with closed doors, and attics. Anywhere there is no air circulation is dangerous. Direct sun is deadly. Always have water available 24/7.

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