dogsWill my pet need to stay overnight after surgery?
Routine dog surgeries go home the same day and cats usually stay overnight. Exotic pet surgeries usually go home the same day.

Will you bill me for your veterinary services?
We do require payment at time of service. We do take most credit cards and personal checks.

2007_200_sizedDo you have emergency services?
Yes, we have after hour coverage. Just call any of our offices for details.

What happens if my pet dies?
We have a burial service that can cremate a deceased pet and return the ashes in an attractive oak box.

Do I have to stay in the waiting room while my pet is seen?
Actually we encourage all of our owners to stay with their pets. This is a departure from other practices but one of the distinguishing features of our treatment philosophy.

118_0154Do you take care of farm animals and horses?
This is no longer a part of our practice, however, please get in touch with us as we are very happy to make a referral. We also do not take care of chickens nor other farm birds.

Will your practice keep me informed about developments in pet care?
Absolutely and the best way to learn about changes in pet care is to subscribe to our newsletter.

You can also continue to visit our website for all types of tips, updates and news.