Shortly after the guy returned in the castle Kuon sings him a track as he rests

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Shortly after the guy returned in the castle Kuon sings him a track as he rests

It’s required you to definitely Kuon ultimately matches with Haku privately on top of a similar ruins in which she first found him.

Matchmaking [ ]

  • Kuon – This woman is Haku’s guardian, or so she claims and so they envision each other while the family members. Currently, there is no personal ideas with it ranging from their and you may Haku, but nevertheless she cares to possess your. She actually is somewhat of a slave driver as well given that she always forces Haku to the office, and this can be her very own way of while making your separate and you will credible. Next inside the Futari no Hakuowlo they became a couple of.

Special Faculties (??)

After the battle against the Uzuurusha ended, She made an effort to cheer your up on a date and just have him a love letter at which Haku didn’t a little know what she supposed to state thereon letter. At that time whenever Yamato declares combat abreast of Tuskur he had been a bit concerned about Kuon, He tried to ask the girl if she could ourtime help your to help you send offers so you can Yamato armies whether or not both both of them failed to agree regarding the war, but when the guy knows that she isn’t in her own place following he checked every where to locate their, of which they tips that Haku also cares much to possess Kuon. Haku is shocked to see Kuon towards anybody else willing to leave was and you may she grins within Haku having good pleased and you can happy face. He provides the lady company. Prior to its arrival to Tuskur, Haku asks the lady when the she actually is okay by providing Yamato intrusion, she solutions him from the explaining the girl care for to have end the battle due to the fact she announces herself due to the fact simply who can. Just after retreating out of Tuskur, Kuon offered him some team and you will expected him throughout the his despair of your Emperor’s dying, as the Haku does not fall under Yamato. Following the battle against Vurai, the guy becomes wanting to speak to Kuon together with anyone else during the Ennakamuy. Sadly, Oshtor’s demise suggested you to Haku has to take their place to cover Anju from the affect his cover-up and you can clothes, thus faking his death so you can Kuon’s grief and Haku’s sadness. Because Kuon renders Ennakamuy, Haku was about to reveal themselves so you’re able to her but his duty since Oshtor forces him to eliminate. When he sit before the folks of Ennakamuy the guy still has the newest metal partner you to Kuon offered your. It’s noticed that Haku its cares to possess Kuon but the not sure when the he’s feelings on her. Although not was hinted he wants to end up being together.

From inside the Mask out of Facts, Kuon possess hard emotions with the Oshtor since while the she spotted your given that accountable for Haku’s “death” and you can she actually travelled with the a fury when she (with her label hidden) sees your having fun with Tessen and you will stating that he wielded they so you can award a friend. Annoyed, she began severely beating and you may could have went on to if you don’t to possess Anju’s disturbance. Their overhearing Oshtor muttering anything she knows merely Haku will say quickly contributes to her suspecting his correct title and you can catches the girl off guard so much that she was not able to concentrate on her fight with Anju. Because of such situations she phone calls out of Tuskur’s arranged intrusion off Yamato and efficiency on the group under the lady earlier guise. She is assured regarding the Oshtor’s correct name, she actually starts to remove your in much the same way she managed Haku. She’s shocked away from exactly what he could be ready by best the war, however, way more whenever assaulting better enemies instance Mikazuchi and Entering in the Akuruka’s setting. She is worried about him making use of the Akuruka whilst normally prey on their lives. Kuon declines you to definitely once the a excuse once the and you can she’ll loose time waiting for getting their answer.

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