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June 7, 2013 |

50th_anniversary_Webster_019_sizedSummer is here. We have had a wide range of temperatures from hot as expected to cooler than usual. The shifting of weather from cool to hot triggers disease in pets even more than consistent high or low temperatures. A nasal discharge from your pet that is thick or colored is more than allergy. A trip to see us is warranted. Most respiratory infections in our pets respond to antibiotics unlike the many colds and allergies humans suffer that need no antibiotics. A clear watery nasal discharge may be allergy but never ignore a “snotty nose” on your pet. The longer they have it the longer it takes us to cure.

Owners are doing a good job this year of vaccinating puppies for Parvovirus at 6,9,12,and 15 weeks of age. We see this disease regularly but early puppy vaccinations can reduce it tremendously. Keeping your pet isolated until fully vaccinated is important in the beginning. Puppies are cute but taking them with you places and dog parks is a big risk until their final set of shots have been given. That is never twelve weeks old or younger in any breed no matter how many vaccines they have been given.

We do not like to see heat stroke cases. Many of them can not be saved. The heat damages tissues and when they are cooled down if too much damage has occurred they will die in spite of aggressive treatment. All pets, especially dogs, need a source of shade to avoid direct sunlight. A place where there is movement of air. A dog house out in direct sun is more like an oven than a source of shade. A constant supply of water is also required. Pets breathe off water, panting to keep cool which dehydrates them. Water must be available in large quantities. A garage can become an oven also and be a dangerous place to isolate your pet in hot weather. We all know a closed up automobile is the worst place to leave a pet in hot weather.

The fox population seems to be increasing in the county and that is always good. They eat more rodents than the coyotes and are beautiful creatures. That’s all for now . . .

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