Veterinary Services

dr james underwood

Dr. James Underwood

We offer many services for you and your pet.

Underwood Animal Hospital has been serving the Licking County area since 1982. We understand that your pet is a valued member of your family. Choosing veterinarian care for your pet is an important decision.

Our trained professional staff will care for your pets in a kind and gentle manner. We take an innovative and caring approach to healthcare that enables us to consistently provide pets with the same level of care we want for ourselves. In keeping with our commitment to quality,



Underwood Veterinary Exam RoomWe have the equipment, expertise and resources necessary to perform virtually any medical procedure.

  • Testing and required vaccinations
  • Preventive Medicine including heartworm & flea treatments
  • Routine and Advance Surgical Procedures
  • Spay and Neuter surgery
  • Specialty Surgery ranging from eye treatments to cancer management
  • Micro-chipping
  • Grooming for Dogs and Cats
  • Bird, Rabbit and Exotics surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Dental care
  • Disease Management
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • End of Life Care & Euthanasia
  • Laser Surgery
  • Nutritional Counseling & Prescription Diets
  • Pain Management
  • Pet Pharmacy (we match catalogue pricing)



imgB4We also offer Grooming Services for your pet. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

dogsSamanthaFor Your Cats and Dogs
We strongly recommend routine preventive care for your pets. This begins with vaccinations and disease testing. Any change in your pet’s behavior could indicate a problem so pleas call us and together we can determine if we need to see your pet.  For non breeding pets we strong encourage you to consider spay and neutering surgery. In addition to unwanted litters these procedures prevent very specific diseases. These would include mammary cancer and prostate disease. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


DJW_0158 copyFor Your Bird
Birds are highly intelligent, social animals with special needs. We can help you get started with your first bird or help you care for that elderly feathered family member. They are masters of hiding their problems, so routine check-ups are essential for long term health.  We do beak ,wing and nail trims on birds. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


DSCN1529Routine Exams
Routine thorough physical examinations are the cornerstones of a total health plan for your bird. Birds are notorious for hiding subtle and not-so-subtle signs of illness for long periods. Often, by the time a problem is apparent to you, it has progressed to very serious levels. By examining your pet on a routine basis we can spot early or potential problems and work to correct them before they progress. As a valuable adjunct to the physical exam we recommend select laboratory testing to give us your bird’s full health picture.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Veiled_Chmeleon_Necrotic_Hemepenes_004_sizedFor Your Reptiles
To better aid us in diagnosing potentially hidden problems with your pet, we offer wellness screens. These are a combination of laboratory and radiographic tests that in conjunction with a thorough physical exam can give us a better picture of your pet’s overall health status. With their secretive nature, this is the only way to get the “true” picture of you pet reptile’s health. Liver, muscle, kidney, and even nutritional disturbances can be quickly and easily assed with a small blood sample. Wellness screens are an essential part of a comprehensive wellness program for your pet. Don’t wait until its too late, early detection is the key! Having the proper environment is probably more important with reptiles than with any other type of pet. Subtle environmental deficiencies can result in major illnesses.  Part of your pet’s routine exam will be a thorough discussion of its home environment. We’ll help you come up with the best set-up for your home situation.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Foxes playing Licking County Sring 2012Small Mammals
A wellness exam for a newly acquired pet such as a rabbit, guinea pig or ferret is an excellent start.  Disease prevention with these pets is much more successful than disease treatment.  Loss of appetite is a primary indicator of disease in these pets. Any changes in normal routines should be brought to our attention.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.